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Our Companies

SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS CORPORATION was started in 1979 by our founder and CEO Robin Bugenske.  Together with our sister company HUSK-ITT CORPORATION (established in 1944), we develop, manufacture, and package specialty greases and oils.  Our brands include SLIPKOTE®HUSKEY®, andCHUCKEEZ®, but the overwhelming majority of our business is private label.  Our SLC CUSTOM PACKAGING division was established to provide custom filling and packaging services to customers with their own lubricants, and other industrial cleaners, chemicals, soaps, paints, adhesives, etc.  We are ISO Registered and family owned.  We value quality and customer service above all else.  Below is a further description of how these companies and brands are related to each other.



SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS CORP. offers private label lubricants and custom filling & packaging services.  We coordinate distribution of the HUSKEY® line of industrial lubricants in the eastern half of the United States, and we are marketers of CHUCK-EEZ® power chuck lubricant. 


HUSK-ITT CORP. manufactures specialty greases and oils under the HUSKEY® brand and for private label.It coordinates distribution of HUSKEY®in the western half of the United States and internationally. For more information on the HUSKEY® line, please go to


SLC CUSTOM PACKAGING, a division of SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS CORP.  At SLC we will fill your products into custom packages such as pouches, tubes, bottles, jars and cartridges.  Please visit for more information.


CHUCK-EEZ®is a specially formulated power chuck lubricant.  The brand is marketed by SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS CORP. and sold nationwide through chuck distributors.  Visit for more information including technical data and a list of distributors.