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SLIPKOTE AIR TOOL CLEANER removes rust, dirt and var¬nish from tools without adversely affecting seals, rotors or other sensitive parts. When used regularly air tools will operate continuously at peak efficiency, even tools which have been inactive for a period of time. This unique fluid contains a special combination of ingredients that helps prevent bearing seizure, keeps rust from affecting rotors, and improves the life of rotor blades. In fact, those tools already clogged by dust and disintegrating seals and rubber hoses can be restored to peak operating condition with a single flush of AIR TOOL CLEANER. Free of harsh chemicals or mineral spirits that can etch or otherwise harm pneumatic equipment, SLIPKOTE AIR TOOL CLEANER is safe for equipment seals and materials. This unique cleaner eliminates the need for dip tanks.


  • Removes rust, dirt and varnish
  • Does not affect seals, rotors or other sensitive parts 
  • Prevents bearing seizure 
  • Improves life of rotor blades 


Put cleaner into the inlet of the air tool and allow to work for a few minutes. Connect to an air line and operate. Gum, rust and other accumulated debris are flushed out the exhaust with the air tool cleaner.

Typical Specifications

Typical AnalysisValueTest
Product Code411008
Color0.5ASTM D1500
API Gravity36.0 to 40.0ASTM D1298
Density7.02 lbs./galASTM D1298
Viscosity Index>140ASTM D2270
Flash Point270°F (132°C)ASTM D92
Fire Point320°F (160°C)
Pour Point59°F (-50°C)ASTM D97


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