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SLIPKOTE CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY LUBE is a heavy duty, multi-purpose, extreme pressure lubricant and anti-seize compound designed to reduce seizing, galling, fretting and wear.  It is able to withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, and is effective as a lubricant from -30°F through 750°F.  A balanced blend of lubricating solids, including molybdenum disulfide, are dispersed in the product to assure superior performance during its full working life.  Rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics are maximized to afford complete rust protection during the life of the lubricant.


SLIPKOTE CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY LUBE may be used in a wide variety of applications where surfaces are subjected to extreme pressures and adverse conditions.  It is used to prevent galling during start up operations, extend the wear life of moving parts, and protect against fretting and cold welding of moving joints.


SLIPKOTE CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY LUBE provides excellent lubrication for running in new or rebuilt machinery.  It prevents galling, seizing, or metal pickup in metal working operations.  It reduces assembly  torque and eases disassembly, reducing the chance of damage.  It reduces the force required for press fitting and minimized distortion.

  • Lowers Friction and Wear
  • Provides Boundary Lubrication Protection
  • Reduces Fretting Wear
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • Assists Wear-in Operations
  • Reduces Surface Damage During Start-up


METHOD OF APPLYING: May be applied down to -20°F using a brush with stiff bristles or by burnishing in with a clean cloth. It can be used in pressure line grease guns under certain conditions.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: When stored under normal warehouse conditions, SLIPKOTE CAMSHAFT ASSEMBLY LUBE has no known limits on useful life.

Typical Specifications

Base Fluid:Mineral Oil
Color:Moly Grey
Worked Penetration:300
Evaporation (24 hrs. @ 212°F %), %:0.7
Copper Strip Corrosion (12 hrs. @ 212°F):1a
Dropping Point, °F:380
Usable Temperature Range:-30°F to 750°F
Falex Seizure Loads, lbs.:3000
Coefficient of Friction 4-Ball Wear Scar, mm:0.09
Salt Spray Test (5% Salt, 24 hrs. @ 95°F):No Rust

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