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Tubes & Syringes

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Industrial-Grade: Our rugged, custom-engineered filling systems can handle the most demanding semi-solid and viscous products.

We have cosmetic good manufacturing practice (GMP) capabilities and expertise for compliant specialty packaging in the health and beauty industry.

Cap Style Options

Head Style Options

NOTE: Blind tubes and twist-offs are considered tamper evident.

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Flexible Packaging

At SLC, we offer more than 40 years of packaging knowledge and expertise, working with an extensive variety of tube manufacturers to offer an unlimited selection of sizes, caps and head styles to meet your exact requirements.

  • Material options: LDPE, HDPE, coextruded and laminate tubes
  • Size variety: From ½ oz. to 10 oz.

We operate industry-best Norden hot air tube filling and sealing machines, which produce the strongest and most attractive tube seals. Yielding very little waste, it allows us to pass cost savings along to you, our customer.

Our facility has the capability to custom package a wide range of product types in tubes and syringes including:

  • Lubricating greases & oils
  • Adhesives & sealants
  • Paints & chemicals
  • Cleaners & degreasers
  • Hand cleaners
  • Hair & skin care products
  • Cosmetics