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World-Class Quality | Warehousing & Logistics

Turnkey Solutions to Bring Products to Market Faster
in a World-Class Facility

Your product is secure with SLC: Our stringent product handling processes have safeguards in place that protect product quality and integrity at every stage of manufacturing and packaging, through final delivery.

World-Class Quality that Goes to Work for Your Business

Get the confidence that comes with proven, certified expertise. With extensive experience in product formulation, our chemists provide expert insight regarding regulatory affairs, technical specifications, MSDS and quality certifications. The result: you get the quality products you need and that meet all necessary requirements, on time and on budget.

SLC is ISO 9001:2008 registered, and our facility conforms to the FDA’s guidelines for cosmetic good manufacturing practices (cGMP).


  • Production line quality checks
    every 30 minutes
  • Retains kept from beginning,
    middle and end of every run
  • Accelerated age testing
  • Failure modes analysis
  • Statistical process control

Back-End Services & Support that Deliver Peace of Mind

Trust the leader. Dedicated end-to-end warehousing and logistics services ensure seamless, reliable product transfer.

  • In-process materials and finished goods stored in temperature-controlled warehouse
  • Pallets stretch wrapped with corner boards; never double stacked
  • Inventory furnished with bar code identification
  • Third-party, cost-effective LTL and TL services available
  • Dedicated trailers and docks for milk-run services
  • FIFO inventory turns
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