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Family-owned and ISO 9001:2008 registered, SLC is the industry leader in the development, manufacture and packaging of industrial lubricants, greases and oils. We specialize in niche products such as synthetics, silicones, anti-seizes and food machinery lubricants—products and packaging solutions that help you create efficiencies, increase throughput and increase bottom-line profits.

Our HUSKEY® and SLIPKOTE® branded products have earned reputations as problem solvers, consistently handling even the most extreme lubricating conditions. While we manufacture and market our own brands—including CHUCK-EEZ® power chuck lubricant—the majority of our business is private label: We offer custom formulation to meet your exact specifications.

Proper Air Tool Maintenance

The largest concern in the operation and life expectancy of your professional-grade pneumatic equipment is moisture! Specifically, water vapor. You know this water vapor as humidity, and it is in the air around us. When this air is compressed, moisture in the inlet air concentrates with every cubic foot drawn in.  As you compress air it gets very hot and due to…

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Join SLC at ILMA 2021 Annual Meeting

SLC looks forward to seeing all our friends at the 2021 ILMA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. We would love to meet you to discuss how SLC can benefit your business with our high-performance lubricants and custom packaging. Simply click the following link and select a time that is convenient for you: Schedule Meeting with…

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SLIPKOTE® CHUCK-EEZ® power chuck lubricant

Why choose Chuck-EEZ Power Chuck Lubricant SLIPKOTE® CHUCK-EEZ® Power Chuck Lubricant is a heavy-duty boundary lubricant designed to increase the clamping pressure of Power Chucks. CHUCK-EEZ® is formulated with a high percentage of molybdenum disulfide to reduce seizing, galling, fretting wear, and lower friction under conditions of extreme pressure. It can withstand pressures up to…

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Private Label & Custom Packaging Solutions

Using the Lube-Pak® for fifth wheels

Using the Lube-Pak® for Fifth Wheels Specialty Lubricants offers a convenient, easy-to-use Lube-Pak specifically for fifth wheels. It’s a clean, fast alternative to the traditional grease cartridge. How to use Specialty Lubricants Fifth Wheel Lube-Pak: Place grease packs on fifth wheel top plate. Back truck up to trailer Fifth Wheel Lube-Pak will burst and disperse…

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Looking to add new lubricants to your automotive product line?

Add new lubricants to your automotive product line with SLIPKOTE® from Specialty Lubricants SLIPKOTE® Fifth Wheel Grease is a heavy-duty waterproof lubricant containing 20% graphite. This product was formulated exclusively to withstand the harsh environments that a fifth wheel encounters. The high solid content forms a plating action, giving this product higher load carrying capabilities…

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