Add new lubricants to your automotive product line with SLIPKOTE® from Specialty Lubricants

SLIPKOTE® Fifth Wheel Grease is a heavy-duty waterproof lubricant containing 20% graphite. This product was formulated exclusively to withstand the harsh environments that a fifth wheel encounters.

The high solid content forms a plating action, giving this product higher load carrying capabilities which are needed in a fifth wheel application. Anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors are blended with the graphite and a calcium thickener, creating a product that will outlast any conventional grease.


A fifth wheel plays a fundamental role in the safety and maneuverability of combination vehicles. Lubricant is the lifeblood of most fifth wheels on the market today. Without it, top plates become chafed and worn, jaw locks corrode and stop working, and steering gets difficult. All this leads to unsafe driving, especially on slippery roads. Fifth wheel manufacturers recommend performing fifth wheel maintenance every three months or 30,000 miles. It’s important to maintain the fifth wheel because it is the sole component that connects the tractor to the trailer. Grease can build up on the fifth wheel and attract dirt and debris, so degreasing it prior to inspecting it allows you to see any potential damage more easily.


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