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TFX-10 Thread Sealant

HUSKEY TFX-10 is a non-toxic, non-drying thread sealing compound consisting of a blend of non-melting grease, PTFE particles and other inert solid fillers engineered to produce a leak-proof seal. HUSKEY TFX-10 does not contain any solvent, lead, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, or clay fillers.


Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose EP Grease

SLIPKOTE® TUFF STUFF MULTI-PURPOSE EP GREASE is a new generation grease designed for today’s demanding industries. It represents the “state of the art” in grease technology, combining the finest base oil stocks, additives and synthetic thickeners available to provide a truly multi-service, friction reducing, non-melting grease with unmatched protection in normal and severe service applications.
SLIPKOTE® TUFF STUFF MULTI-PURPOSE EP GREASE is a blend of the highest quality paraffinic base oils and polymers coupled with SLIPKOTE’S newest proprietary extreme pressure additive which forms a tough durable film of protection from friction, wear and corrosion over a wider temperature range (-20˚F. to 400˚F).
SLIPKOTE® TUFF STUFF MULTI-PURPOSE EP GREASE unique formulation provides superior adhesion to metal surfaces that does not easily wash off, run out or separate even under adverse conditions of water, steam or dilute chemicals thus providing lower grease consumption and extended lubrication cycles.


White Lithium Grease

SLIPKOTE® WHITE LITHIUM GREASE is a multi-purpose lithium grease for automotive, marine, shop, farm and home use. This grease was designed for many different uses (garage doors, hinges, chains, latches, etc.). SLIPKOTE® WHITE LITHIUM GREASE is a functional general-purpose grease with a very broad range of operating conditions.