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Red Aluminum Complex Grease

SLIPKOTE® RED ALUMINUM COMPLEX GREASE is a premium quality, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, aluminum complex grease that has a smooth and tacky consistency and is red in color. SLIPKOTE® RED ALUMINUM COMPLEX GREASE has an extremely high dropping point and gives outstanding performance in high temperature applications. Special extreme pressure additives provide a high load carrying capacity and anti-wear protection. Excellent water resistance provides bearing protection when water wash-out or leaching conditions are encountered. Even in flood environments, this grease has provided excellent results. Its outstanding mechanical stability maintains effective bearing lubrication over long periods of rigorous service with minimal breakdown and loss of consistency. Because of its reversibility, SLIPKOTE® RED ALUMINUM COMPLEX GREASE is able to return to its original consistency even after being subjected to temperatures beyond its melting point. Excellent dispensability and pump ability properties make this grease suitable for various methods of dispensing, including centralized lubrication systems.


SM-4 Silicone Moly Brake Lubricant

SLIPKOTE® SM-4 SILICONE MOLY BRAKE LUBRICANT is formulated to reduce brake noise, vibrations and harshness (NVH) by dampening all-natural brake vibrating frequencies. It is made from pure Polydimethylsiloxane base oils and treated with the latest rust, oxidation and anti-wear additives to provide lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion. It is fortified with a high concentration of Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly) lubricating solids that will stay in place and protect at extreme temperatures from -50°F to over 550°F, while providing protection against dirt, corrosion and uneven pad wear. SLIPKOTE® SM-4 SILICONE MOLY BRAKE LUBRICANT was designed to be compatible with all plastics and rubbers used in Disc Brake Caliper systems.

Moly Paste

SM-60 Silicone Moly Paste

SLIPKOTE® SM-60 SILICONE MOLY PASTE is a pure synthetic, multipurpose, extreme pressure lubricant designed to handle a wide temperature range 46ºC to 232ºC (50ºF to 450ºF). It contains over 60 percent molybdenum in a synthetic thickened silicone fluid.


Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

SLIPKOTE® SYNTHETIC AIR COMPRESSOR OIL is a full synthetic non-detergent oil designed for reciprocating air compressors. The synthetic base oils resist oxidation to help reduce varnish and valve carbon deposits that can shorten compressor life. Its premium additive package protects against corrosion and wear. It is designed to control foam and promotes water separation. It is also compatible with petroleum compressor oils.


Synthetic Food Grade Grease

SLIPKOTE® SYNTHETIC FOOD GRADE GREASE represents some of the most advanced lubricant technology. It is a versatile, premium quality, synthetic grease fortified with PTFE. Blended completely with pure synthetic base oils, additives and shear stable thickeners to provide maximum equipment protection in extremely high and low temperatures (Operating Range -75° to over 500°F). SLIPKOTE® SYNTHETIC FOOD GRADE GREASE is also NSF/ U.S.D.A. H-1 *Registered and KOSHER approved, which gives it full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental food contact may occur.